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Contact: Phone: (978) 649-9222 

The Cranks
Winners of the 2014 RADAR Award
for rising artists in New England

"Orange" - nominated for
Album of the Year

What people are saying:

The Metronome Magazine: "Think of The Pretenders when they first hit the scene and you'll get an idea of where The Cranks are coming from musically...[The Cranks] are proving to be musical entities to be reckoned with. Good stuff." more...

iTunes 4.5 stars Average listener rating for "Downside Up" and "Orange"

Wildy's World:
The Cranks have a real future. "Downside Up" is the proof...on Downside Up [The Cranks] have become a cohesive and mature trio, rattling off catchy and intelligent punk-influenced pop songs like afterthoughts.

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